Wich model padel racket?

More control over your strokes? Then choose a round shape racket

More power in your game? Then choose a diamond shape racket

More control and power? Then choose a drop shape racket

Round: because the weight of this type of racket is distributed evenly around the wrist, it is more
manageable and allows you to play it without using (too) much energy. The round shape provides a large and low sweet spot and it is relatively easy to hit the ball "well". Diamond: these rackets are for the more experienced or advanced player the sweet spot is more at the top
of the racket gives the racket to attack strongly.
This makes it more difficult for novice players to hit the ball well. Drop: this model racket is a “middle ground” between a racket with a round and diamond shape, and is suitable for
the “experienced beginner” to advanced player. The sweet spot is in the middle. The different types of players; Recreational players As a recreational player it is very important to choose a racket that gives you enough grip.
The grip will give you more maneuverability and this is crucial especially when you are just starting out.
For beginning padel players we recommend a round racket with a larger sweet spot. Advanced players When you regularly practice padel, you want a racket with more flexibility.
The teardrop-shaped rackets offer a lot of power and are perfect for attacking players.
The flexible fibers and foam give you a lot of feeling and are perfect for the regular player. The professional player professional padel players make intensive use of their racket and with these rackets the sweet spot
is a bit higher so that you can hit the ball more easily.
This type of racket has a diamond shape and is provided with rigid fibers and foam.