Hesacore grip

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The Hesacore tour grip is a grip that replaces your original padel grip. Hesacore tour grip is a revolutionary internationally patented grip that gives you more power, more comfort and more control in your hand. Through years of development in the field of ergonomics and functionality, a product has finally been designed that replaces the standard grip. The specific honey level profile with hexagons and the use of silicone, a grip has been developed that extremely increases the grip on the handle of the racket.                                                   

This has many advantages. It is not without reason that several top 10 padel players of the World Padel Tour and many players at home and abroad are already playing with this grip. Both advanced players and novice players notice the difference. Replace the factory grip on your padel racket for the Hesacore tour grip, add an overgrip and improve your game !!!